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An ode to mum's

Talking about "mums and mummies" ALWAYS brings me to tears, especially now being one myself.  Mum's truly are something "magical". . .  like out of a fairytale. 

My thoughts on mums:
1. There is nothing that compares to a mothers love . . . nothing
2. There is nothing that compares to the primal, instinctive protection and gut feeling a mum possesses

3. There is nothing that compares to the life-changing event that is called "motherhood"
4. Nothing, absolutely nothing, feels as good as hearing your babies call for "mama."
5. Mum's are the one person we all want and reach for when your day is bad, when you are scared of the future, when you need someone to hold you and pat you on the back and tell you it will be okay.
6. Mum's are the strongest people I know but also the most vulnerable and guilt-ridden people I know

7. There is nothing that a mum would not do for their child;  no distance too far to travel or time to much to take.

8. Giving birth does not make you a mum; loving, guiding, accepting and supporting a child does.
9. A mums bond is universal and can cross the boundaries of race, religion, sex, politics and cultures.
9. My mum is all of the above and is the one who taught me all of the above so now I can try to be that for Emerson.

My mum always put her children first without losing herself in the process and that in itself is a major feat.  I would not be the daughter, wife, mum or friend I am today if my mum did not accept me for who I am, love me and ALL of me (including my faults and weaknesses), and listen to me every single time I needed her . . . and I mean every single time . . . "Thank you" never seems to be enough words to say it all to her so I hope this post does in some way.

To all my other mummies  . . . you are all wonderful, courageous women.  Remember to give yourself a break sometimes and try not to be "perfect" at everything all the time.  Love yourself and cherish yourself.  Keep your mind, body and soul healthy however you can.  We are the ultimate teachers to our children and it is hard to teach them to love themselves and respect themselves if we don't show them how and lead by example. 

To my 2 new mummies - my sister and sister-in-law.  These first 6-12mths can be trying, or for some they can be a breeze, but whatever you feel just allow yourself to acknowledge your feelings and share them with your friends and family.  There is a reason and a truth to the statement "It takes a whole village to raise a child" . . . so reach out when you need it.  Embrace the journey as much as you can because it is gone in the blink of an eye.  Remember everything with children is a phase, and just when you feel you can't take it any more they are onto the next new phase; it may be easier or harder but I can assure you it will be a learning experience for all. 

To those who have lost their mum's - I am so so very sorry and I can't begin to understand your loss.  Keep her in your mind always and your heart each minute.  Talk about her to your children and share her "magical-ness" with them - children love stories.  Talk to her daily in your heart and mind and I truly believe a mother always hears her child's calls.  Love your child deeper and hold them tighter and pass along all that your mum taught you because this is why they taught you - to be a better person, to be a loving mummy, to be the best you.

I think if I ever get something like this from Emerson (when she is older and can actually choose to give this to me if she wants) I will cherish it as though it were as priceless and as valuable as a red diamond . . . I will just cry right there : ) and I used to think they were so cheesy!

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