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I discovered Eberjey bralettes and undies last year and was immediately smitten.  I am not a particularly large chested woman so I can't say what their bra's would be like for anyone who needs major support but I can say they are some of the most comfortable bra's and undies I have ever owned.  The material is incredibly soft and luxurious and never feels clingy or tight.

My ultimate favorite is this one, I got it in black, nude and white and until I got pregnant, and needed more support, I wore these almost every day.  They amazingly give you a great lift and shape without being an underwire! (Eberjey India Lace Bralette) 

I jumped on their website last night and was instantly obsessed again and created an "I need" list for after baby . . . see what you think!

this looks so comfy to lounge in on a cozy little getaway . . .  

I may have to order these to "live in" while on maternity leave!!!

ask anyone in my family; I have a thing for pairing boots, especially wellie boots, with anything!

And to add to my obsession I found out they do swim for woman AND kiddos!!!!  If these are as comfortable and made from the same types of amazingly comfortable materials as their intimates I may have found my new favorite swimsuit line! 

love this boho-india print . . .

okay brace yourself because these little girls clothes are just so simple and classic . . . I want to buy one of each for Emerson

I am thinking this little yellow dress is an absolute MUST for my sweetpea

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  1. Gorgeous pieces and love the cute stripey swimsuit ...adorable!


Thank you for your comments, I truly appreciate it! Have a fabulous day. xoxo E

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