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Energy . . . Does it really exist?

I'm tired but I can never figure out if it is because I am not doing the things I am supposed to consistently enough to have enough energy or if it is just going to be this way, no matter what I do, once you have children?

I read a good article in Real Simple last month and while not all of the "renewable energy" tips I remember or took to heart a few "easy" ones stuck out that I thought about trying on some sort of consistent basis once the baby arrives and we get settled into some sort of routine (let's hope that is in like 3 weeks ha ha ha)

Morning 7 - 9am
* Scent your shower - pick products with citrus, eucalyptus or mint. I totally think this works as I used to use a eucalyptus body wash and it would always make me feel refreshed and while I would not call it "energy" I did notice a lift in my general mood.  I love this one . .

* Eat your breakfast – Even if you’re not a breakfast person, try a protein shake, a banana and some raw almonds, a glass of milk and some toast.  If you do make a shake try adding flaxseed, green powder and protein powder for a boost.

* Take your vitamins – I can definitely vouch for this one . . . I feel like absolute poop if I don’t take my daily vitamin (chewable) and my supplementary iron pill (being a vegetarian I always tend to be slightly anemic) and now I have added a daily Vitamin D pill.  I am not a big horse-pill fan so I have found that chewable or sour gummy vitamins are the best way to get me to take them . . . if they taste like candy I can do it!!

Mid-morning thru Lunch 9 – 2pm
* Have coffee!!! – I was stunned and excited that this was on their list because I DO!!!  They say to have your coffee during this time and to limit it after 2pm (which may be hard for me but I will try)

* Breathe, play (walk) and eat lunch – I can do these and I do actually do most of these; I love taking a walk on my lunch break at work or at home I can take Emerson out for a short walk to the Fire Station and it always gives me a little boost!  I have also found that stretching (sometimes jumping jacks) and deep-breathing are great to give me a lift during the day also.  And I am absolutely NO GOOD to anyone if I don’t eat lunch so eat something that is ample in protein, complex carbs and fiber so that you stay fulfilled.

Afternoon Slump 2 – 5pm
* Move & turn your mojo-music on – Try a dance party with your little one (they will love to shake their tail feathers with mummy) and sing out loud.  Stretch, touch your toes, twirl and kick your legs . . . it will definitely wake you up!
* Snacks & H2O – Some of my fav’s – instant oatmeal, string cheese, cottage cheese, peanut butter and apple slices, carrots & hummus and as much water as you can take.

Night-Night 5pm sleep
* Turn off the laptop and stop texting!
* Read something calming – don’t do what I do and read Parenting magazines or Toddler books as these both just completely stress me out and end up with me having to get up and write a to-do-list of what I need to be doing with Emerson!!!
* Take a bath or warm shower (with lavender or chamomile) 

These all seem doable to me (to be able to stick with on a daily basis)) so like I said I am going to try once we are settled in with new babe . . . . hopefully these tricks and a few 100 naps will help me regain my energy! 

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  1. So nice to see coffee was acceptable and on the list...because I believe I can't start my day without it. Unless you want me to be in a bad mood all day.

    Love the late afternoon suggestion of turning on some music that gets you going...I could totally see that boosting my energy for sure.
    Great tips thanks for sharing.


Thank you for your comments, I truly appreciate it! Have a fabulous day. xoxo E

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