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fathers day goodies

I couldn't reveal any of the gift choices before fathers day as my dad, my husband and my step-dad all read my blog (which I LOVE!!!) . . . . but here is what was on the line-up for fathers day gifts this year

Mr. Hotpants

1. I got a 16 x 20 canvas of this Emerson pic done for his office - he LOVED!!!!

2. Emerson painted Daddy her own creative design on a 10 x 10 canvas.  I got a box of these  for her birthday and they are great for her little masterpieces - I even have her sign her work!

3. Kiehl's  Shave Cream - he is always on the hunt for a good shave cream! 

4. Louis Vuitton bill clip - it is awesome; the magnet is super strong! (only for cash/bills) . . . he uses a small holder for his credit cards but always has his cash all crumpled up in his pocket!  And I am getting it hot stamped with his initials in "orange" this week . . . 

And Emerson and I made breakfast in bed for daddy - egg whites, basil, tomatoe & goat cheese scramble served with chai tea and toasted pita bread!!!

For our dad and step-dad we, my sister, brother and I, all realized that they both needed a new BBQ.  So we got this little beauty for both of them and it is awesome!!!  Perfect for small patio's and cooks great!

Hope you all had great days with your dad's and hubbies!  Our weekend was perfect!

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