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Getting close to the end of this pregnancy and starting to feel . . . . to put it lightly, large, slow and cumbersome.  This pregnancy seems a little harder at the end because my body is getting NO downtime . . . its up with Emerson for the first 2hrs of my day, then off to work with maybe some lunchtime errands if I am lucky, then home again only to be a human jungle-gym that plays,  cooks, dances, bathes and reads to Emerson before doing our bedtime routine with daddy. 

Needless to say the "beauty" of pregnancy is wearing off . . . my back is beginning to seriously kill at the end of the day, my right ankle is starting to swell up like a baby elephants foot and I am wearing the all-so-pretty support stocking to bed at night (exuding sexiness here), my tailbone aches and requires me to shift around at my desk ALL day long, and I have found some really exciting and enthralling spider veins appear on my leg!!!

So to make myself feel better I have compiled a "Mummy Make-Over List" for me to focus on after the baby arrives (not right after but a list of things to look forward to)

1. Blue Print Cleanse  

2. Fun new tennis shoes

3. Trainer & yoga & Tracy Anderson

4. Teeth whitening

5. Spider veins lasered away

Doesn't this all sound fab!!!

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