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love . . . unconditional love

I was given the most wondrous gift when I met my husband - a beautiful gift that I get to keep unwrapping layers and layers of wrapping paper from and being surprised at the boundless new gifts that are revealed each day, each month, each year I get to keep it.  

He is my best friend, my goofy partner, my lighthouse in the fog, an amazing Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake dance impersonator, he sings all the time, aimlessly, without knowing he is doing it (ask his employees!!) he is an extremely patient daddy, and the most grounded and modest person I know.  He loves me unconditionally and is always trying to make our world better for our little family and I love him ever so dearly for being all of these things and more.

Happy Fathers Day Pookie
we are going to spoil you this weekend!

My love

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