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Omg really? me? thank you!!!!

I can't believe it, I got a "Stylish Blogger Award" from one of my favorite bloggers; Dee over at Champagne Blond.  Thank you thank you thank you!  This is my first award and I feel so special . . . .You have to check out Dee's blog, she is a chic, fashionable, and hilariously funny mummy!  She always has fab outfits and great stories.

So as tradition holds here are the rules of the award:
  1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
  2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
  3. Pass the award along to 5 new-found blogging buddies.
  4. Contact the winners to congratulate them.

Here are my seven random facts . . . 

1.  I was/am a total science geek!  I got my Bachelors of Science degree in Biomolecular Science/Pre-Med and my Masters of Science in Experimental and Molecular Pathology.  I originally wanted to be a Pediatric Cardiologist! 

2.  I would love to live for a year or two in Europe with Mr. Hotpants and the bebe's. The south of France or in a little town nestled somewhere in Tuscany would be such a dream, I actually don't think we would come back!

3. I am dying to own my own little company . . . . I just haven't completely found my niche yet!  Fashion, writing, baby clothes, nursery decor, dance classes for mum's . . . . my list of "interests & ideas" goes on and on and is ever growing.  Some day soon it will come to me, I can feel it . . . . 

4. I delivered Emerson via c-section at 40wks because they thought she was going to be a 10-lber (my dad was 10lbs and Mr. Hotpants was almost 11lbs - small Thanksgiving turkeys!) BUT she was only 7lbs 5oz so we are attempting a VBAC this time - for the next 2wks send "good-VBAC-vibes" my way please : )

5.  I was born and raised in Scotland which explains why I can and will eat an entire bag of anything "Salt 'n' Vinegar," I can drink tea with milk all day long and fall asleep like a baby, and why Cadbury's chocolate anything is my ultimate guilty pleasure (maltesers, crunchies, milky bars, twirls, etc)

6. I fell in love with Mr. Hotpants the day he noticed my red leather boots that I wore to work.  We were attached at the hip after a month of dating and engaged in less than a year.  Although we didn't get married for another 2 years!!! in the South of France.

 7.   Dream job? Dancing and performing on a stage!!!  I danced all through high school and most of college and nothing has ever come close to the feeling of being on stage, the lights and the rush I get from dancing & performing!

And now My Stylish Blogger Awards go to . . . drum-roll please . . . 

1.  Erika over at Small Shop Studio - This girl is absolutely fabulous; I love, love, love her interior design (check out her house pic's on her blog) and fashion taste!  We seriously end up liking all the SAME things!

2.  Carly over at Thirty Something Fashion - Yummy mummy who always looks amazingly pulled together and chic. And she always has great jewelry finds!

3.  Laura over at Ascot Friday - One of the funniest, truest,  and coolest bloggers out there who has 2 beautiful baby boys (you have to see pics of her family - gorgeous!) and the most fantastic fashion sense!

4.  Jody over at About last Weekend- This lady has been nothing but wonderfully supportive and helpful since I started blogging; she is a gorgeous mum of 4 beautfiul kids, and always has great, "easy" food ideas for impromptu get-togethers!

5.  Jiye over at Pearls and Green Tea - Chic, stylish mum with a beautifully stylish little mini-me daughter (and she is pregnant with #2) . . . always a great read!


  1. Aw, Emma...you are TOO sweet...thanks for the love and right back at ya:)
    I loved learning more about you..and you will TOTALLY find you niche and start your own thing- just keep expressing yourself and something will stick to you like glue.
    I also delivered Connor via C section at 40 weeks..I was so OVER being preggers and there was no sigh of his arrival...the doc also was scared he was going to be a 10 pounder (hubs was 10 lbs)...he ended up being 9 lbs so good thing we delivered, lol.
    I am SO wanting to do Vback when I have my second so you have to share your story w me when it is all said and done...wishing you a speedy, easy natural delivery:)

  2. Thanks Carly - I will definitely let you know how the VBAC goes, cant believe your little one was 9lbs - at least they were right! : ) . . . and thanks for the kind words above!!

  3. First of all: love that you are a science geek - but what do you do now? Am fascinated by that - I keep searching your posts for that - are you a doctor? Secondly thank you so much for such a fabulous- and from you...ever glamorous.. shout out - from you and for the award. I got it awhiles back and it was so fun posting on it...Love this post and the chance to get to know you better...Btw, you have a great way with words, emotions and style and something will FIND YOU!!!

  4. I know the anticipation well. I had 2 VBAC's after Julia. It's like you're a first-timer all over again. However, the recovery with a VBAC is so much easier, in my opinion. I was able to go jogging fairly soon afterwards, but with the C-Section incision and sore muscles I had to be careful. I'm sending you good wishes, Em!
    xoxo Rach


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