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Pay less? Really?

I happened to stop in a Payless Shoe store the other day which I hardly ever do because there are practically none around me but I was actually quite surprised at some of their designs, check them out . . .

I ended up buying these because they are super comfy, I have wanted some nude flats for a while and my pregnancy feet change size daily so I refuse to buy expensive shoes! 

These were super cute and came in the lemony yellow above, red, navy/denim and black. They remind me of the gorgeous open-toed flats out right now by Lanvin, Kate Spade, Miu Miu, etc but SO much cheaper!

I really liked these and wanted to get them for post-pregnancy but I could not figure out the right size - seriously my feet have a mind of their own right now!

 The detail on these two (above & below) is quite nice . . .  I was surprised!!

These are so Kate Spade!!!!

These are pretty cute in person

So if you are looking for some chic looks for great prices this summer you should stop in an take a look, I think you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was.  Oh and I ended up buying Emerson 3 pairs of sandals too!!! Cant help it . . . little kid shoes are a weakness!

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  1. Holy cow, great finds! I have a payless giftcard, might have to get on the website today... xo!


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