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summer whites and summer nights

Yesterday was my first day of maternity leave and to be honest it started off a little crazy as Emerson was completely thrown off her schedule with me being home BUT it ended up a very nice day indeed . . . . it was filled with me getting to cross a bunch of things off my to-do-list, playing with new bubbles, finding "otter pops" at the store (LOVE) and getting some great orange sherbert canvas shoes and some rad silver sandals for Emerson . . . .

she melts my heart

Bring on the summer nights! . . . we spent the afternoon making a beet & avocado salad for daddy's dinner and taking a cool bubble bath in the kitchen sink (we are having a little bit of a heat wave here in CA)!!!

Emerson also took a nap in her big girl bed! woo-hoo . . . . she did not take to it for sleeping in right away - more of a place to put all her books and toys but recently she has been asking to take a nap in it and today she actually did!!! (this is officially the 2nd time) . . . .

And I spent her naptime checking out new fans!  We live less than a mile from the beach so there is no AC and normally that would be OK but the past few years have been pretty blazin hot here in the summer so we always use fans . . . last summer I think all 3 of our fans died slow deaths so this year I am looking at some cool fun ones . . . . has anyone tried any of these?
 Dyson Table-top fan

Dyson Free standing fan

Vornado Room Circulator Fan

And with summer nights comes summer whites . . . For as long as I can remember every summer I search for those perfect white linen slouchy pants to lounge in all summer long . . . . some summers I find them other summers pass with no such luck (the last two have been this way humph!!!!)  But I came across this pic of Katie Holmes yesterday and I am loving her comfortable flowy look and those pants!!!!

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