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Happy Long Weekend . . .

Hope you have a great 4th of July Weekend! 

This holiday ties for "favorite" holiday along with Thanksgiving for my Mr. Hotpants!!  Is it a back east thing? where he would be eating blue crabs and drinking a cold beer at a table covered with newspapers??   I know he is secretly hoping for a "July 4th Surprise Delivery" BUT I am holding out for the 6th or 7th so that babe #2 gets a birthday that is "independent" from a National holiday : )

We are just enjoying our time with Ms. Emerson, who has taken to asking to go to the beach everyday when she wakes up . . . oh that and for a "green lollipop" for being good!  Sweetpea has also taken to dressing herself and I might just say, I am loving her fashion choices . . . wife-beater tank, high-top converse and Ernie Sesame street undies!!

She was making daddy surprise birthday cake sandcastles

I think I want to make something like these this weekend and eat almost all of it myself . . . ha ha ha

And how about this artist, Samantha French?!! She paints these amazing oil on canvas that look like real water  . . . I keep wanting to reach out and touch them they look so dimensional.  They completely fit my thoughts of July 4th celebrations . . . . can you imagine what the original large canvases would look like hanging in a living room!  * swoon * 

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  1. Love the SStreet undies - so incredibly cute. How wonderful that you can step right down to the beach, fabulous. Hold on in there for a baby that beats the holidays!


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