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sh*t my pants

Tuesday night I found myself crouched down behind our sofa, in my robe and PJ's, laying on the hardwood floor at 3:40am googling "God of Sleep" on my iPhone . . . . . I know! I was delirious, I mean I was thinking "Oh I need to pray for sleep, but normal God won't cut it, there has to be a God of Sleep!?  I will pray to him and it will work!!" Seriously this is the conversation I was, very matter-of-factually, having with myself.  No joke.  I thought I had maybe dreamt it but when I checked my Google history in the morning there was 20+ pages of "god of sleep" searches. . .  LMFAO!!! 

Coincidentally, you will be happy to hear that there is!  Hypnos is the Greek God of Sleep and I am going to have him on speed-dial from now on!  Apparently he resided in the land of eternal darkness . . . . I am so jealous!

Moving on . . . remember back here when I got that amazing necklace from Mr. Hotpants?  Well I decided I wanted to wear it everyday so I designed a ring setting by myself (inspired by Paltrow's engagement ring) and here she is in all her glory . . . . I absolutely LOVE her.

And finally, on this fine Thursday, I leave you with this cartoon that I saw on DesignstILes last week that had me laughing my bum off!  It is just so fricking true!  Ladies how often do you look at those gorgeously pulled together chic celebrities at the airport and make a mental note to copy their "I-didn't-try-that-hard-but-I-look-amazing" look.  And then this happens . . . . . ha ha ha!. . .  I love the mismatched socks because that is ALWAYS me.

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  1. What a beauty!!!

    Thanks so much for the shout-out. How accurate, right?


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