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baby lock-down aka baby proofing

So . . .  since this little monster has decided to blow through every milestone there is and is crawling, sitting, pulling to standing on the furniture and honestly about to take her first steps ALL before she turned 6mths a few days ago . . . baby proofing has become needed asap!

 "Trouble? Who me?" 

 Do you see that mischievous smirk . . .

We baby proofed when Emerson was mobile but we didn't really need it as she was never really interested in the cabinets but little Ms. Harper is going to be all over them!!! She is into everything and a total climber!!! HELP!

Here are some of my favorite baby-proofing gadgets that we currently use . . . .

Fridge lock- we actually just bought this because Ms. Emerson was in and out of the fridge (like her daddy!)  ALL day snacking!

Pinch guard - these have been great for us at all different ages.  When they are little it helps with not getting fingers jammed in doors, not getting locked in the bathroom (happened to Emerson!!) and when they are older it stops them from being able to slam the door in your face when they are "grumpy with you mummy!"

Toilet lock - water safety is one of the biggest hazards when they are so little because if they peer into the toilet and fall in they don't have the skills to pull themselves out!!! Terrifying . . .  so we have these on all our toilets.

 Oven lock - we got this when Emerson started standing on broiler handle at the bottom and holding onto the oven handle while the oven was on!!!!! It works great!

Night light - we just go this one for Emerson and so far she loves it.  It is rechargeable, changes color or can stay on one color, and has a 30 minute timer or an option to stay on all night.  If it is on the charger and there is a power outage it will automatically turn on to the battery setting (I love this as for some weird reason we always have power outs!!!)  The have a few different options too - hippo, dinosaur, angel, bear, moon and moose!

We have also found that a string of Christmas tree lights also work great as a night light and are so whimsical

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