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One giant leap for mankind . . .

Hope you had a fantabulous weekend!  We spent it with family and it was wonderful!  Had the BEST, and well overdue, dance party with the hottest chickas . . . me, my stunning-as-always-sister, a gorgeous almost 3yr old (I'm not biast), an absolute riot of a 10mth-old, a slobbery-hot-mess of a 6mth old and 2 overly enthusiastic puppies! . . . I know, I know it sounds like many a night you may have had in Vegas . . . when in Rome!

Moving on . . . Yow-za!  I love a good unexpected SALE!!!! I got this awesome neon yellow Cosabella set for next to nothing . . . . and these Soludos, that I have been meaning to buy for the past 2 summers, for .....$10!

I don't think Mr. Hotpants can miss me in these!!! Although I am pretty sure neither can the astronauts on the space station!

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