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I could go on and on and . . .

There is nothing that makes me more happy than a closet full of maxi dresses and flat sandals . . . to me it is the perfect, easy, go-to outfit when the weather heats up.  Especially easy for busy mamas as there is only 2-3 components - dress, shoes & a cardi!  

Accessorize with some fun chunky jewelry and you are out the door in less than 10 minutes . . . looking fab and relaxed.  Here are some of my favorite sandal choices from the ever-awesome Asos!


  1. Maxis always strike exactly the right note, especially in Ca, and especially in LA where you are. But I can't seem to find the right one, haven't got the proportions right yet.... Someone said it's key to get a small pattern. What do you think? And don't Asos always do the greatest shoes, love that shot of neon.

    1. omg you would look fantastic in any maxi dress! you should google "kelly ripa" because you and her sort of look alike and have the same build . . . she wears maxi's all the time! If i find any I will email them to you

  2. I also love the first sandals you posted with the pop of yellow!


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