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I'm a big kid now!

I have 2 degrees, I've been married 7yrs, I'm a mummy to two beautiful little girls, we own a home, we have 2 cars, we have a dog, we pay property taxes, we have college funds and life insurance and big people jobs, heck Mr. Hotpants owns his own business but it wasn't until now that I felt all growned up!!!! I feel like I am finally a member of the big girls club! And as ridiculous and weird as this is, it is because of these two little gems that have newly entered my world . . .  maybe it is because these things are more in-line with taking care of "me" instead of worrying about doing everything for others!
My new Balenciaga Work bag . . . I never thought I would actually own one and it just makes me feel all growned up! They are stunning bags and extremely comfortable to wear . . . she is pre-loved; I got her hereThere is a green weekender for sale right now that has been texting and emailing me love notes . . . le sigh

Update - someone bought my baby green!!!! waaaaa. . . . . but I could easily be swept off my feet by this lovely (blush)

I found a new and wonderful dermatologist, Dr. Batra, who prescribed Retinoic acid for my per-cancerous, sun-damaged skin on my nose.  I am using it all over my face and WOW this is how celebrities have perfect skin (well this and botox).  I just started using it (you have to use it very slowly as it makes you peel) but my skin feels baby soft.  I know I am soooooo late on the bandwagon with this but it is making me feel like I am part of the secret big girls club!

Oh and this roller-ball depuffer thingy is awesome for those mornings where I have slept with a pair of feet on my face and a knee in my back (sounds physically impossible right? you'd be surprised the positions these little people can get themselves into)

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  1. that bag is gorgeous!!! and thanks on the tip for 'depuffer' :) We grown ups really need it!


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