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Material Girl

So Mr. Hotpants did it again . . . . he is quite the "wowzer" when it comes to gifts.  He surprised me last night with VIP tickets to the Madonna World Tour 2012 concert at the Staples Center in October!!! {insert serious celebratory "Vogue" dance moves here}

Plus a babysitter (thanks Granma!!!) to stay with the girls so that we can check into our junior suite here!!

Is it sad that it's not until October and we are already dreaming about the good 8-10hrs of solid, uninterrupted sleep we are going to get?

Thank you sweetheart for this wonderful journey through life we are taking together; you make it absolutely wonderful (and we make really pretty babies!)

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  1. OMG...i've seen her in concert twice. SO jealous...off to beg my hubby for tix now...ha ha!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife


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