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February always gets me thinking of love and being all mushy and flooded with emotions.  I like it. Some people think Valentines Day is silly but I don't.  I like that as soon as we enter into February the world around us turns into one big red-heart balloon filled with Sweetheart candies.  

Why is it bad to have a month dedicated to L.O.V.E? To stop us in our tracks and remember what is important in life . . . . love, friendships, family, memories . . . . things that are so much more than material things.  I love to love, I love to be in love and I especially love being loved.

And while Valentines does not mean gifts for me I can't help but share a few beauties . . . How incredibly romantic, whimsical and beautiful are these flower arrangements from this Los Angeles based florist!

 My favorite ..... peonies!

And to make your hearts swell with pure love, read this incredibly honest birth story post and then read this amazing follow-up birthday post . . . . this little blonde "wonder" shows what life is truly all about . . . . love; unconditional, unwavering, non-judgmental love.  Pure and simple and lovely.

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