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First of all I hope you had a fantastic weekend.  The weather here was perfect (for us) sunny but briskly cold.  We celebrated a special granma's birthday with Mediterranean food, yummy lemon-raspberry cake, prosecco, and family fun with all the babes. But now, as always, it's Sunday night and I'm like "WTF" where did the weekend go? I was going to do this, and take care of that, oh and tackle that one project I've been putting off" . . . . but no, here it is Sunday night and I pretty much have the same to-do-list as I did Friday . . . . ay ay ay . . . se la vie!

So I have an interesting (shocking) story to share.  When I was pregnant with both girls, I got the same little lump in one boob and then after I had the girls it went away.  My ob/gyn said it was nothing, but guess what, even though he has a medical degree and he is a smarty-pants, he is a man and this is my body.  I decided I was going to have a mammogram after I had recovered from Harper's birth.  So on Thursday I called a radiology institute in our area and the conversation went like this:

ME: "Hi, I want to know how I go about scheduling a mammogram and how much it will cost?"
Unhelpful lady: "Well first, who's your doctor and what insurance do you have" (nice fuzzy-feeling welcome)
ME: "Oh I have insurance but I'm just coming in on my own so I want to know the cash rate."
Unhelpful lady: "What do you mean? Your doctor's not sending you?"
ME: "No I just want to do it as a preventative thing, you know, for my health, I have two little girls and I want to take care of myself" (thinking she will be all "wow your so smart for taking care of yourself")
Unhelpful lady: "How old are you? Do you have a family history or something? Is there anything wrong with your breasts?"
ME: "I'm 35 and no, there is no family history and I don't have any lump or bump that I know of, but I still just want to have one; and I am completely willing to pay for one"
Really unhelpful lady: "No, no you cant have one. You don't need one.  Goodbye" (phone goes dead)

I was shocked and p*ssed and sad and disappointed that another woman would not see the importance in this, oh and did I say p*ssed?!!!

This is my body, don't I get some say in when I can have some tests?  The recommended age for a mammogram is 40 (younger if you have a family history) so I am not off by much, and I am always hearing about young woman and mothers being diagnosed with a rare, aggressive breast cancer that, had they found it earlier, would have had a better prognosis.  I don't want to be that woman, that mother.  So I am not giving up.  I will speak with other ob/gyn's and call other centers to get more opinions and more information and to hopefully have a preliminary screening.  What are your thoughts?  Should we have more say in our own health, in our own life prognosis, should we be able to take some preventative measures to give ourselves a long quality life?


  1. How crazy it is that someone would deny you access to a potentially life-saving service that you are willing to pay for out of pocket! It's not like you were trying to claim it on insurance or anything...how strange.

  2. yeah Kris, it worked :) I know absolutely crazy! but I will try to find another place - i will update xoxox E

  3. I believe your doctor should be able to refer you once you're over 35 to get a baseline mammogram. Mine did. I've known too many young women (30s and 40s) who have been diagnosed with breast cancer so good for you to take matters into your own hands!!

  4. That is complete BS. I would be pissed too. I had my first one in my late 20's. My mom is a survivor, my sister in law is a survivor. Both were the first ones in their family. I would like to take that scheduler to a cancer unit and show her around. Sorry, this got me kind of fired up! Thanks for the sweet comment!


Thank you for your comments, I truly appreciate it! Have a fabulous day. xoxo E

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