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Sharing & Letting Go

I get wrapped up in everyday things and then something stops me in my tracks, slaps me in the face and says "slow down crazy lady! instead of trying to do it all, stop and sit down with your babies, talk to them, tickle them, let them get dirty and make a mess and do something un-perfect."  Letting go is a major thing I am working on in my life.  I am a perfectionist to a fault, I don't adapt to change very well and I tend to loose sight of the humor in things so I am trying to recognize those things when they happen and change them.  

I am trying to "let go" of my expectations and just let life happen without having to control it (this is seriously HARD) so I want to share with you 5 things that I am focusing on this month.

Here are my 5 things. . . 

1. Take a bath with both girls at least once a week.  I already do this and it is honestly one of my favorite times with them.  It's not so much of a chore when I am in there with them splashing, blowing bubbles, playing boats & dinosaurs . . . and it is so much easier to wash them and their hair.  Try this if you haven't already and I bet it becomes a special bonding time for you and your bean(s) . . . these will be precious memories.

2. Let Emerson crack the eggs next time we bake.  I normally don't let her do this because the potential for disaster is high!  but how will she learn if I don't let her try?  It may be a messy, sticky, and not picture-perfect event but I will take a deep breath, relax (have a glass of wine), laugh and let the flour and eggs fly . . . . literally!

3. At bedtime, once or twice a week, rub Emerson's back or kiss her face all over to help her fall asleep.  She whispers "kiss me, mama, kiss me to sleep" . . . I did this last night and I was in heaven. I kissed every inch of her little face; her eyelids, her forehead, her ears, her chin, her cheeks, her little lips and she nodded off to sleep . . . . it was incredibly cozy and will forever be a special memory for me; even the smell, her still-baby smell lingers with me.

4. Hug and kiss Mr. Hotpants more . . . . plain and simple; I don't do it enough.

5.  Relax a little more when Emerson paints in the house.  I am always a little on edge when she is twirling that paintbrush around with a heaping glob of green paint on the end of it.  But I just need to remind myself that the paint is washable, clothes can be stain-treated, hardwood floors are easy to clean, and Mr. Clean pads can get almost anything off anything . . . . so I need to breath and relax and watch her create her masterpieces.

Photo of the Day (via)

"A pride of lions behaves naturally for the camera—a remote-controlled car outfitted with still and video cameras to capture the lions at ground level. The equipment was field tested by photographer Michael "Nick" Nichols while on assignment for National Geographic magazine."


  1. I don't have children, but I love the sentiment in all these suggestions! Taking time to enjoy precious little moments and worrying less are both things I aspire to as well!

  2. thanks tabitha, it is hard to slow down but so worth it!

  3. first time at your blog and i love this post.
    i, too, have a hard time "letting go" but at the end of the day, the only person that's losing something is us. i lose sight of those moments that could be precious when i'm focusing so much of my time on "expectations".
    looking forward to following your blog :)

  4. Loving the gorgeous pics of your girlies and your wedding day (stunning). What great tips! I never let the kids bake as am thinking from the beginning about nagging them to clean up, I'm so uptight. Have just seen a great doco called "This Way Of life" a free and wonderful story of a Kiwi couple with six kids who roam freely on the land and from the age of two gallop horses bareback along the beach and with no helmets. It made me rethink everything about parenting...

    1. i really need to watch that . . . thanks for sharing, I always love your insight xoxox E


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