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Sorry about the "no-show" yesterday but I am having an especially rough few days of no sleep, horrible sleep when I do get it, tension headaches, sore neck, etc . . . basically I feel like I have a hangover but I didn't get to go to the awesome beer-bong, jello-shot "party" to warrant one!!!

Alas on to the topic at hand . . . . saving money!

Contrary to what you may think, I am not that good at this.  Let me rephrase that, we are good at putting money in our girlie's college accounts, good at putting money in our big rainy day (or new house) account and we are good at contributing to our 401K plans BUT I am not good at saving on the smaller stuff . . . the everyday stuff: the clothes, the shoes, the trips to Target and the pharmacy (these stores must have tractor-beams that suck me in and then they have mind control over me because I never get out of there without spending at least $100) Do you have this problem?  I think my mind thinks that $15 here and $48 here is small but when you do that a lot, it adds up and pretty much NONE of it is a necessity! So I am going to share a few things I already do to save some money and some new things I am going to try (key word here is "try").  I want to see how much I can save by June!

Things I am already doing:
1. Take my own lunch and snacks to work instead of buying out everyday
2. Paint my own nails most of the time - I actually prefer this because I am so particular about the way my nails are filed.  I do however go and get the occasionally mani/pedi but more for the relaxation and hour of "me" time.
3.  Pay as many bills as I can with automatic debit and/or online so as to avoid late fees
4. Carry quarters in my purse and car for parking meters (here in LA, meters are everywhere and I am constantly dodging tickets, so having the change with me helps)
5.  I canceled services/things we were not using - call waiting & voicemail for our home phone (um I don't even know our home phone number! we never use it), Netflix (you can get movies so many other ways now - Hulu, OnDemand, Amazon, iTunes), and my gym membership because I wasn't going on any consistent basis.  Now when I have the time to workout I will go for a walk/jog or take a yoga class! 

Things I am going to start:
1. Repeat my daily mantra "There is nothing I really need"
2. Reward myself when I get back in shape with new clothes but not until then - there really is no need for new clothes in between Winter and Summer anyways!
3. Shop my own closet for my Spring wardrobe - I know there are a ton of things in there that I can either pair with different things for a lighter look or alter to make more spring-friendly.
4. DELETE all the daily emails from Groupon, Rue La La, Guilt Groupe, etc, etc, etc because they are just too enticing and to be honest not that deal-worthy (I wanted to buy something at Christmas and I missed the online sale but remembered the manufacturers name so I looked on their own website and it was about 50% cheaper on the actual manufacturers website than on one of these discount sites!!!!) Be wary!
 5. Stop buying for the girls (this may actually be the HARDEST one) - they have toys and shoes and clothes throwing up out of their bedroom --- they need for nothing and I need to remember this! 

Disclaimer - this post does not take into account a few things that I have already purchased before my "no buying" plan went into effect!  and I can't wait to share them with you when I get them!

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