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bedtime woes

i hate bedtime right now (and I know its just a phase). . . . it was the only time, after children, that I was able to have time to myself but now it's hours of hell . . . and I hate it and I am not adjusting well to it as you maybe can tell.  Emerson was a wonderful sleeper up until she got in her big girl bed . . . since then it has been a steady but steep decline . . . and have I mentioned that I hate it?  Mr Hotpants loves it which makes it all the more annoying . . . .

bedtime starts at 7pm, followed by the ever-lasting requests "I need to brush my teeth," "I need water," "I'm hungry," etc.  This can go on for a good hour, then comes the meltdown, the crying, the "rub my back," the "one more book" which is finally followed by some sleep . . . . only to be interupted by my new all time favorite . . . "night terrors" which are in full swing from 10-12am (awesome). . . . then from 1-6am its just the normal "3yr old in our bed with feet in our face" night . . . . I think I am going to loose it soon.  Sleep deprivation is an actual real form of torture people!  Lack of sleep makes me a grumpy person, lack of "me" time is going to put me over the edge. . . 

my wishful thinking for today . . . all this has me seriously thinking about doing this soon!

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