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Coming to an end . . .

this week and this month finally!  Both have been a bit chaotic, busy at work, and crazy with the girlies . . . . hoping it is going to shape up when we hit . . . . my birthday month!  April and yes I said month because I like to celebrate a number of times : ) . . . . I am rad you know, so my birth should be enjoyed and celebrated for 30 days, if not longer!   Speaking of birthdays, I got this card last year from a bestie and I have it in my office cause it makes me smile every time I see it . . . 

Seen as it is Friday I am going to do an outfit post . . . wore this to work yesterday!

and here are a few beautiful pics I took of my City of Angeles . . .

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. okay, spill the beans...who makes those SHOES??

    1. Thanks! they are awesome! By a Brazilian brand called "Biondini" . . . got at Nordstrom's Rack for a steal


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