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Girly Guest Post

I am super-psyched to have an amazing yummy mama guest here today to share all her fabulousness with us.  Namrita is a huge fan of the blog and always sends me great emails, tips, or links to wonderful goodies! I honestly believe we are twins separated at birth . . . we just can't decide who our real parents are?!  She is not only a wonderful mama to the most handsomest little man, but also one of the most stylish mamas I know! So lets see what Nam has in store for us today . . .

When I turned 35 last year I made a promise to myself to take better care of my body and mental well-being. Here are a few of my secrets and tips...

Makeup and skincare
I have ALWAYS been HORRIBLE with taking care of my skin. I am totally that chic that went to bed with makeup on, yet still had decent looking skin despite this bad habit. I know, you can hate a little bit :) However, I finally purchased, LOVE, and use my Mia Clarisonic every night and morning.  Using it regularly has improved the tone, color, and smoothness of my skin beyond what I thought possible. I am now obsessed with having clean skin. Shocking given my previous lack of cleansing habits :)

The cleanser I have come to know and love that I use with my Mia is by Fresh, and it's amazing! It leaves my skin clean, fresh, and hydrated.

 In the mornings after cleansing I splash on La Prairie's Marine line tonic.  It's a bit pricey, but it's my one splurge that I NEVER allow myself to run out of. It is beyond amazing! This stuff leaves my skin naturally glowing and I hardly use makeup anymore!

This leads me to my next step...In accordance with taking better care of my skin well into my golden years, I have come to love and use only a few products to keep my life simple.  Keep in mind this applies more to my daily weekday/workday ritual.  I still like to glam it up when I go out on the weekends; I am a girlie-girl after all!

I found this product and it is the best, it's the Vapour Organic Multi Use Blush. I dab some on my cheeks, on my lips, throw on a quick coat of mascara and I am out the door! It's the size of tampon basically, so I keep one in my purse at all times too for on the go refreshers during the day. Quick, easy, and the coloring is perfect. You can have that fresh look all day long!

Lastly I seal all the cleaning, toning and makeup in with a quick spritz of this floral water.  It smells so yummy and gives you that fresh, youthful, dewy look.

This may seem like a lot, but it's actually no time at all. I am a working momma that has about 45 mins to shower, get pretty, and get dressed for work. All while doing the same for an almost 5 year old little boy.  If I can do it, anyone can! Hahaha

I try to take care of myself physically, but let’s face it, it's so hard these days trying to squeeze exercise in on top of everything else. So us ladies need a little help of the "unnatural" kind!  I'm talking SLIMMERS!  I have tried everything under the sun over the years to help with the little "love bulges" as I fondly refer to them. No products have really impressed me, UNTIL NOW!  The Victoria's Secret slimmer called - So Curvaceous Push-Up Slip with panty.  This thing is AWESOME! I have always hated most shape wear because it usually comes with a built in bra that NEVER fits me right. I have big jubblies that seem to have a mind of their own as to where they want to fall/hang on my body. But this VS slimmer lets you use your own bra!  Honestly, it appears to take 10 pounds off my body immediately. And bonus that it doesn't ride up (because of built in panty feature) or hurt! It's seriously a win-win!

At the end of every long day (and after peeling off the slimmer!), I immediately walk into my house and put on my favorite and most comfortable pajamas by Eberjey. I  LOVE all their stuff, but these are the ones I live in, and they are unbelievably soft, comfortable, and CUTE

I have nothing to but LOVE, PRAISE, and ADMIRATION for this line- Emerson Fry!  To say I am obsessed is an understatement, and I know you feel me on this one Emma!  It is the perfect combination of clothing for work, life, play, and glam! Emerson is a genius, of this I am convinced. I am constantly stopped and asked who I'm wearing (a little celebrity moment!) when I am wearing any piece by this line.

Let me just say that these little puppies are almost ALWAYS on my feet!  They are by far the most comfortable flats ever, and to top it off they are beyond cute. I have a few pairs, but my favorite is the taupe and stars ballet flats. I wear them with EVERYTHING, whether it matches or not, hahaha

Yoga retreats
I have always loved yoga and tried to go to classes every chance I get (Bikram Yoga is my preferred method). But in lieu of classes, last year my New Year's resolution was to go to a Yoga Retreat once a year. A time where I could do what I love, de-stress from everyday life, and take some time to myself. I have NEVER gone on any sort of vacation by myself before this; I'd always had apprehension about just going somewhere alone and being around strangers. But like I said, 2011 was going to be a "new' me :) so I booked and went on a yoga retreat ALL BY MYSELF! It was an amazing experience- I came back refreshed, healthy, and in some ways better equipped as a mommy and worker. Sometimes you just need to admit that you need some ME time in order to be better for EVERYONE else in your lives.  The retreat I went on was this one and as soon as they put up the 2012 dates I will be signing up again for this year!

It's no secret, I have a bit of an obsession with shopping. I'm not going to go into details but here are a few of my absolute favorite stores that I NEVER walk out of empty handed. And that's not necessarily a good thing, lol. If you ever find yourself in the area around each of these places, walk in and take a peek, you will not be disappointed!

Oh and one last obsession that I can't live without right now . . . Tom Ford's Santal Blush perfume. It's like an exotic vacation in a bottle. I can't get enough of it! It's a must have!

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