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Mish Mosh Monday

First of all "Happy Birthday" to the sweetest, gentlest, yummiest, amazing little girl I have ever met.  I can't believe that 3 years ago today, at 7:57am, we met you for the first time.  You made mummy and daddy the luckiest people on the earth.  You have taught us so much . . . I had no idea the amount of unconditional love my body, heart and soul could give. . . but now I do. . . . it is absolutely limitless.  Thank you for being our Emerson; thank you for being exactly YOU.

20 minutes before you arrived

12 minutes old . . . . this picture takes my breath away

My brain is a little fried, to say the least!  Funny how a 3yr olds birthday party/weekend can turn an absolutely normal person into a brain-dissolved zombie and the 3yr old is still running around like the energizer bunny on crack?! We hit up Mickey's house on Friday and it was fun, exhausting, interesting (Dumbo was closed because they were filming an episode of "Modern Family" - we got to see the cast (love this show!)) and kinda like a mini-bootcamp . . . Mr. Hotpants and I ended up having each to carry a 25lb, half asleep 3yr old about 3/4 mile (thru the park, thru Downtown Disney to the parking lot!!)

Oh and something we found out the hard way . . . the "Alice in Wonderland" ride (which is in the KIDS area of Disneyland??) is terrifying for a 3yr old!!!! Like "The Exorcist" terrifying!!! kind of set the tone for the rest of the day . . . they would not step foot in anything that looked remotely dark inside . . . including the bathrooms at one point!

seriously too cute for words . . .

We also got to fit in a little house hunting, fun, but no such luck yet. . . . then a little birthday party for Emerson with a Curious George bouncy castle - she LOVED it! It was a great day, super chill and ended with a great dance party! The rest of the weekend was wonderfully and leisurely boring . . . a treasure hunt for hidden jewels (we found nuts & bolts & rocks in Granma/Grandpa's garden which has resembled a construction site for the past 8mths while they are building the most amazing backyard), fun with a bubble gun, sticker book stories, and a jigsaw puzzle face-off!

And look what mama got . . . this beautiful new coffee table book . . . already have tons of inspiration photos marked!

This book made me want my dream kitchen even more!!!!! I have been stalking beautiful kitchen photos ever since we started looking at houses and I found these babies . . . don't mind my drool . . .  

Love everything about this one . . . the mix of wood, the gold accents, the double sinks, the stove . . . . mi amour

These french doors are stunning . . . . can you imagine having breakfast with these open on a beautiful summer morning!

This is gorgeous but a little too pretty for me . . . but I'm lusting over the stove/oven!

This has been a favorite of mine for a long time . . . Love the floor, although I would do it hardwood, and that table, I have been looking for a beat up farmhouse table forever!  

I want my mornings to look like this! . . . although I'm pretty sure that the OJ would be spilt, the tablecloth completely stained, about 10 sippy cups laying around, a diaper-clad toddler standing with the fridge door open, and no less than 7 random toys all over the floor including some wooden spoons and tupperware . . . . love my life : )

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  1. Love all of these kitchens! Hope Emerson's Bday was awesome! Looking forward to seeing you at Morgans Bday party! Can't wait to meet Harper too! ��


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