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Music to my ears

Aww my little Harper.  You are growing up so fast right before our eyes.  You are the most delightful little person I get to snuggle with . . . (well other than your equally delicious  big sister).  You greet me EVERY single morning with the biggest smile and heartiest giggle.  You are squishy, round, and perfect to cuddle into.  You absolutely LOVE your big sister, your pup, Lucy Sue and Mickey Mouse.  You squeal and flap your arms whenever you see any of them; it is quite exciting to watch you.  You don't like peach yogurt, carrots or peas yet. You love your baba, your oatmeal and banana yogurt.

You are crazy-ily mobile.  You rolled over at 9wks, you army-crawled at 3.5mths, you really crawled at 4mths, you sat all by your self at 5mths and by 6mths you were standing and cruising around holding onto the furniture.  You just turned 8mths last week and you are standing without holding on and have taken your first two solo-steps! 

You are a firecracker, a little pistol!  You eat sand and dirt, and not by accident, oh no you have a method to your madness. You lick your hand to get it wet then you swirl it around in your sandpit or the flowerpot so you get the sand or dirt to stick to your hand and then you eat it . . . . I am not sure why you like it? The crunch, the texture, or is it the little rebel in you?!

step 1 - get fingers & hands wet (aka lick them)

step 2 - crouch down to the pre-set sand pile (courtesy of Big Sister)

step 3 - the most crucial step. . . swirling the hand around in the sand; the key is in the swirl!

 step 4 - enjoy the delicious snack stuck to my hand  fingers . . . (then repeat steps 1-4)

You have a temper and persistence that is unmatched in the Casler home, well maybe by your mummy! You are a strong and determined young lady already.  I have a feeling you will be getting into everything and climbing out of everything.

You make mummy and daddy so incredibly happy and proud . . . I can't wait to watch you grow into the woman you are meant to be . . . . xoxo mama & dada


  1. Love the step-by-step sand eating process! :) she is one adorable little girl! It is going to be so awesome to watch all these babies grow up together!

    1. thanks Renee! Cant wait for you to add a little bundle to this chaos!

  2. aw loved reading this :)
    she is so precious.
    xx jes


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