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Time machine

I was perusing Etsy and stumbled upon this store quite by accident, but wow am I glad!  These could literally be on the racks at Marc Jacobs, Barneys, or Tory Burch today.  These are original McCall pattern's . . . I may have to have a few made! My mum used to do this!  She would have all sorts of beautiful dresses, skirts and coats made and her closet looked like something wonderful and sparkly . . . out of Vogue! 

 1930's dress - I love the material used in the one on the right!This would look adorable in a silky polka dot material

 1950's blouse - Ok can i just have one made in navy stripes and another in red!

 1960's shift dress - this would be the easiest dress to wear, in any color, any fabric . . . you could take it from the beach to dinner

 1960's fitted dress - I adore this one, especially in the white (or black) .... reminds me of Victoria Beckham's fitted dresses

 LOVE these 1970's skirts and blouses . . . um hello pink chevron print!

 1970's coat - I swear DVF had one like this out at Christmas this year!

 1970's wide legged pants and wedges!

 1970's flares and sailor blouse . . . . hello Milly

1970's maxi dress and one piece bathing suit!!!

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