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We are heading into our little Ms. E's birthday weekend.  She is turning "3" and I'm in total denial!  I feel like I have known her beautiful little soul for years but on the other hand it feels like only a few months ago we brought her home and tried sleeping next to her; her in her bassinet and us on the sofa (the two of us; Mr. Hotpants and me - to this day I have no idea why we thought to do this?)  It made this post resonate with me . . . . it is absolutely beautiful and something I really needed to be reminded of.

Heading out to soccer practice

I'm going to miss these little chubby feet soon . . .

Work outfit

Have a fantastic weekend . . . . we are going to celebrate 3 wonderful years of knowing this little comedian.

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  1. Loving seeing these wee tootsies. Wow you always have the best work outfits. That red shirt is so cool. Also love that shirt and cardy at the top!


Thank you for your comments, I truly appreciate it! Have a fabulous day. xoxo E

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