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weekend in photos

This weekend was busy, I feel more exhausted than I did on Friday night . . . I hate that! We are dealing with night terrors and nightmares, shadows and a scary pink dragon who lives in the closet . . . . damn those closets!  Definitely rules out buying "Monsters, Inc" for this house! 

It rained all day Sunday but it was a fun day . . . . an umbrella walk in the park splashing thru muddy puddles and counting how many worms we could find followed by a movie afternoon in a secret cozy "fort" built in the living room (while mummy napped in her big girl bed and daddy on the sofa!) . . . .

My grandma & grandad . . . . absolutely beautiful people

My favorite painting . . . it was my parents and now I have it!

Jackson, meet everybody. . . . everybody, meet Jackson

um . . . . ridiculously adorable!

for that emergency sweet craving

Easter carrot sugar cookies

My Sunday dinner

3yr check-up! 

my little photographer (and her gnome assistant)

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  1. love the gold owl and the emergency sweets. you are my kind of girl!
    xx jes


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