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Working lunch

Right now work is crazy so I am eating lunch, most days, at my desk , . . . . but as dull as that may sound, it's not, it is delicious. Here is what I am currently having and it is awesome (note I am a vegetarian so meat-eaters will have to throw in some chicken!)

A bag of these easy and delicious microwaveable vegetables (you can get a few different mixes). Just pop them in microwave for 4 minutes, open the bag fully, squeeze some lemon juice over them, salt and pepper and viola delicious (you can also add butter and/or a little Parmesan cheese!!!) . . . note - tell your coworkers you are doing this because the smell of broccoli or cauliflower or Brussel sprouts can take them by surprise . . .aka smelly feet smell!)

I pair this with a protein shake; milk, protein powder, and flax seed powder (I also take my multivitamin with this)

and these are my snacks for throughout the day . . . some days there may be some chocolate, mid-afternoon snack involved too!

This gets me through the day with the perfect amount of energy, oh but lets not forget about the 2 cups of coffee in the morning and the cup of tea in the afternoon . . . those kinda help too.

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