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This week went by at a snails pace for me!!! I am so tired from being kicked out of our bed by a 3ft grumpy-pants and having to sleep in a "toddler" bed (for those of you who don't know what that is; it is a bed that is so small it uses a crib mattress) . . . so basically, yeah, I've been sleeping in a crib; don't judge.

I did see and smell so many good things this week . . . so I am just going to spit them out here for you guys.

This perfume by Bond No. 9 (Madison Square Park) is incredibly yummy and reminds me of something happily familiar that I can't quite put my finger on.

These insane pants by Reiss (they are made of the thinnest, silkiest material I have ever felt)

This absolutely awesome dress by Ralph Lauren (RLX) - it is the most amazing orange/coral color ever . . . and its convertible! The pockets can be pulled out and used as a tie; tie it in back or in front or as a halter.  I would LIVE in this all summer long.

This super sweet video of Lionel and Nicole Richie playing the piano together . . . . I had no idea she could play!

Oh and how cute is this photo? . . . Did you know that flamingo chicks looked like this?

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  1. Wow, lots of goodness here, especially as you've been sleeping in the small bear bed. i did not know she played the piano either but I guess her biological parents were musicians...


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