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Birthday fun

I celebrated my birthday over the past weekend and it was probably the best birthday I have had in years!  Not that the past few have not been good, it was just that I really relaxed and enjoyed this one.  I didn't put any expectations on it or defining edges around it and because of that it was wonderful . . . I felt happy all day. 

It was just me, Mr. Hotpants and my two girlies all day long and it was fantastic.  I got to sleep in, which is a gift all in itself. Followed by my favorite breakfast "fried egg sandwich" with HP sauce and coffee!  Then we spent the next few hours running around the park, digging in the sand, and on the swings.  Followed by family afternoon naps (another gift in itself)!!!! And dinner at one of my favorite spots!

While I sipped (OK gulped) my ginger margaritas, this was going on across the table . . .

Thank you Mr. Hotpants Daddy for handling this so mummy could enjoy herself . . . you are the best! 

After dinner we headed out to do a bit of shopping . . .

My incredible sister got me this awesome dress accompanied by delicious cheesecakes and prosecco.

Oh and a great everyday pair of gold heart earrings that I haven't taken off since I got them!

And from the Mr. I got some wonderful gifts.  We are sneaking away to the Balboa Bay Club for two days next weekend (our first time away since Harper was born!) and he surprised me with a gift certificate for a day at the spa and another gift certificate to spend the next day shopping at Fashion Island! Not only are they great gifts but they are gifts of "alone time" which I think is so mentally important as a parent!

I am so lucky I have to keep pinching myself

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