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Sending out an S.O.S

We had an interesting and exhausting weekend.  We are having "I-turned-3-and-I-am-going-to-assert-my-Independence-and-I-am-jealous-of-my-baby-sister" episodes!  Sandwiched between the worst head-cold she has ever had and a fever.  I had heard that "3" is the new "terrible two's" but boy was I not listening!  

I know her little body and mind are developing and working overtime trying to figure out this huge big world and her place in it and I am trying everything in my power to embrace that and help her navigate but when that translates into forgetting her please & thanks you's, throwing her yogurt across the living room, pushing me out of our bed at 2am then screaming at the TOP of her lungs when we walked her back to her bedroom . . . well I have a very hard time embracing that! 

I had to run out Saturday night and get "sick" supplies . . . here are a few pics from my escapade . . .

My "mama-with-sick-baby" outfit - Ugg slippers, HardTail yoga pants, Splendid long sleeve tee, random, broken-in favorite cardigan

Found this all-natural cough sleepy tea drink, Emerson loved it (I added a little honey to it) and I think it helped mellow her out for sleepies

I bought both of these - the menthol one is for kids 12mths + and smells better than Vick's and the pink one is for babies 3mths + and smells of lavender, eucalyptus and chamomile - I used this on baby girl.

of course it could not be a drugstore run with out some mummy-porn! 

I should buy stock in these as they are my go-to when I see a cold lurking around the corner.  Hyland's products are all natural, homeopathic and I use the yellow one during the day and the night one at bedtime.  They taste good and they seem to make a difference.  I also love Hyland's teething tablets!

I got sucked in to the Easter aisle and all its beautiful pastels!!! Look at these Peeps!   I want jeans in every single one of those colors!

Can't wait to decorate eggs this year with little Ms. Em and have an Easter egg hunt! 

Daddy and his baby girl at the park 

Blowing bubbles and watching the world go by . . . daddy, little Ms. Em, and the pup, Lucy Sue (who got her nails painted blue at the groomers!)

and my little Ms. 3yr old, in all her sick glory . . . hang in there baby girl, we will get thru this together . . . somehow!


  1. 3 is the new Terrible Two! I hd a very sweet 2 year old and a terrible 3 year old. He just turned 4 in the Fall and he is a new man! And I am one happy Mama.

    1. so glad to hear that other people have the same problem and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel (although a long 1yr tunnel!!). . . it is rough! xoxox E


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