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wake up . . .

Lets get going! . . . . I am committed to getting my "post-2-babies-flubby" butt in shape by June!  It will have to be a combination of after-work walks with the girls in the double stroller (which weighs 72lbs with both girls in it!!!)  I think this alone could get my butt in shape!  And I also hope to start doing my Tracy Anderson DVD 3-4 times a week also, and maybe a short, impromptu walk or run here and there.  I think this gear would help!

I will eat salads, kale, avocados, and walnuts.  I will drink more water and I will eat more protein (I'm a vegetarian so always lacking here) . . . . and I will look like this soon . . . 

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  1. These photos are so inspiring - as opposed to me in my hideous bike shorts. I might have to buy those sneaks they might get me out doing it!


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