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Hit the door running . . .

We are off on our first weekend away since having sweet baby girl #2.  I am deliriously excited.  We get to go to restaurants and cafes, sit (OK sleep) by the pool, take naps . . . LOTS of them and sleep in past 6am for 2 whole days!  Don't get me wrong I am ridiculously in love with my girls and will miss their snuggles & giggles but I am going to relish in no poopy diapers, the "quietness," and the calm . . . oh and being able to take longer than 1.85 minutes to get myself showered, dressed and ready!

And because I just had to, I downloaded this book to read (or face-plant into) because every mummy on the planet is talking about it!

Have a fabulous weekend and a special thanks to Granma & Grandpa for looking after the girls!

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  1. Good on you - sound like a great weekend. Now i will have to read that grey book...


Thank you for your comments, I truly appreciate it! Have a fabulous day. xoxo E

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