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Told you I'd be back with something good!

I'm almost done with my kindle edition of Fifty Shades of Grey and this SNL skit had me absolutely rolling with laughter . . . the writing in the book is awful but the content is, how should I say? . . . stimulating!

So rumour has it that this will be made in to a movie! How? I have no idea how they are going to do it without it either being a beginning, then blacked out and an end, or just pardon my french, but soft porn!

Anyhoo everyone has been talking about who they would cast for the main lovers . . . here are my choices. For the main male character, Christian Grey, I pick either Eddie Cibriani or Christian Bale

And for his "lust" interest, Anastasia Steele, I choose Ann Hathaway.

And because I was stunned I had to add a pic of my favorite look from the Met Ball last night


  1. Fabulous starring suggestions on your part - now I really MUST get that book!

  2. I love Christian Bale, he is SO hot


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