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Things are a little blurry these days . . . the world seems to be spinning way too fast for me to keep up!  I know it wont be over this Saturday, but I think once we actually get everything moved down to the house (movers come 8am this Saturday) I will feel a little less . . . dizzy? Well at least I am hoping!

My brain is squished to the max with all the teeny tiny detail-finishing questions from all my "dudes" (aka, my contractor, my electrician, painter, etc) . . . all this finish work seems harder for me than the big decisions! That and then getting our condo ready to show for rent, dealing with all the details of moving . . . and PACKING. 

Every time I fill a box I look around thinking that it will look like there is less stuff to pack but it doesn't! Things just seem to keep coming out of every closed cabinet door.

Here are some recent snapshots . . .

daddy and emerson drawn by emerson

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