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I'm still here . . . barely

Sooooo . . . the move didn't go exactly as I'd planned (aka we are living at my mums as I type!!!) We arrived with the moving truck to a house full of newly painted walls, tarps covering all the floors, about 8 people working, and a layer of dust and concrete bits about 1 inch thick!

The good news is that the house looks awesome!  I am so happy with the changes we made!  It looks like a completely different house.  The bad news . . . it's not done, it needs to be scrubbed and a huge tree in the backyard fell down yesterday!  Welcome home!

I find it funny how all the major renovations; new shower, all new electrical and recessed lighting, taking a wall down . . . all that happens fairly easy and fast but all the small finish work seems to take FOREVER!  Door knobs, hinges, blinds, etc..... come on already.  I want to put my rugs down!!!!

I have lots of photos but I haven't downloaded them so here are two randoms ones from my phone . . . 

 Our entry. . . this going to look rad when the barn door is up and the rugs are down . . . . hurry hurry hurry  

  Got this insanely gorgeous rug for the family room!!!!! Amazeballs!


  1. At least your renovations are moving faster than ours. Glad you've adjusted to your new home. By the way, fantastic rug.

  2. Love this! We just bought a place, too, and are having a lot of work done before we move in - we close next Thursday...exactly one month before my due date (great timing, right?) ha!


    1. Wow lots going on! But it is so much better to have it all done and then move in : ) Cant wait to see pics!


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