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When we moved into our condo we chose dramatic colors that were, for the most part, dark but with the white crown molding, ceilings and doors it actually made our 1000sq ft space appear bigger. Since we had so much color on the walls (slate grey, chocolate brown, moss green to name a few) the furniture & decor was mostly neutrals with some bits of color . . .

So this time I want a blank canvas!  I want to completely switch the scenario.  I want light, breezy, white walls and high-gloss white trims! I want the rugs and furniture to be the color pops this time!  I want it to be casual, fresh and fun.  I want it to reflect our lifestyle - a young family who loves to BBQ, make pizza and have cocktails while the babes run free in the backyard.  A family that wants to do Friday night pizza and cheap wine and cuddle in for a family movie.  I want it to be easy and livable, not fancy and staged.

I am having a hard time finding paint colors I love.  I think I have picked the general colors I like but now I have to actually find them! . . .  So because that is overwhelming me I am doing what I do best! Ignoring it and focusing on something else . . . RUGS!!!!

Here are some I am thinking about getting for the house . . . 

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