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topsy turvey

 . . . is what my life feels like at the moment.  Full of exciting & exhausting things but my mind feels like it is moving at a hundred miles per second!  

We are successfully moved in!  It took a while but we have all but 4 boxes unpacked and it is absolutely wonderful!  Mr. Hotpants and I were just saying last night that in the 2 days we have been living in our new home, we have entertained more people, all at once, than we did the entire 7yrs in our condo!  Sad huh?  We did not have the space to have 6 people over to BBQ before but now we do!

And the kiddos they all just ran around (butt-naked) playing in the water, snacking, and kicking the ball . . . and I love that we got a single-story house because there are no stairs to worry about and the house is a huge open space so for the most part they can't really hurt themselves . . . 

Here are some random photos from the past week . . . 

 Why are all kids enamored with the garden hose?

 Cousin dance party!

 Our entry with roses from my garden!!!!

 The corner of our old place, 18th and Arizona! I'm going to miss those trees . . .

Daddy took the girls to their new park!

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