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kids teach amazing things

I am amazed everyday at the things my girls teach me . . . . they are so pure and naive and see no corruption and because of this their outlook on life is one of fun, simple, and happiness.

The other day Emerson and I were watching the coolest neon-green grasshopper bounce around the yard (it was so cool), then just like in those national geographic videos a lizard came from out of nowhere and snatched the grasshopper up in its mouth and took off! It was insane . . . We both froze.  Me because I didn't know how Emerson was going to respond (we are just venturing on animals eating other animals, people eating animals (Emerson is a self -chosen vegetarian for the time being) and dying (aka being eaten alive!!)). . . her because she was stunned!

After a while I asked her if she was okay and told her that the lizard would probably drop the grasshopper.  She was quiet and then said "I'm sad because I think that lizard is going to eat that grasshopper and you know what mama?  That is just rude! Eating another animal is rude." And then she took some leaves over to the place the lizard had ran to and laid them down and told the lizard he "should be a plant-eater!"  Her little body and expression oozed empathy for that little grasshopper and she is right, it is rude to hurt someone or something.  And we should always try to help even if we don't know how to, we should at least try.

She also taught us how to make this amazing bird-feeder!  We bought a bird house for the backyard and we painted it and when I said we would have to go and buy some bird food, she excitedly told me this . . . . "okay we just need some peanut butter, pine cones and bird seed . . . oh oh and some string" ..... ummmm what!? She continues to explain that you put peanut butter all over the pine cone then roll it in birdseed, tie some string around the pine cone then hang it from a tree!  Ingenious!!!!! I asked her who taught her that, thinking maybe her teacher, grandma, but nope . . . . it was Mickey Mouse and his clubhouse friends! Who says TV is not educational! Here are the actual bird treats! (they actually look yummy!)

So listen to your little ones, they have good advice and speak exactly what they think and feel which I believe more grown ups should do!


  1. I couldn't agree more. My little one teaches me to open my eyes every day. And now I'm on the way to having a second one (just weeks away!) Although life can get stressful, I realize how blessed I am and try to see things through innocent eyes whenever I can. Great post!

    When you get a chance, pop by my list of what to bring to the hospital for delivery and tell me what you think! Anything you would add as an experienced mama?

    Also, some of my pregger looks here.

    Tanya xx

    November Grey

  2. You can really learn a lot from spending just a short time with kids.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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