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conversation with a 3yr old

It went something like this . . . . and I will remember it forever

I'll start it here with "Silly daddy" as most things around here start with that . . . sorry Daddy Hotpants!

3yr - "Silly daddy . . . he always being silly"
me -"yeah he is silly but we love him, right?"
3yr - "Daddy is my daddy and your daddy"
me - "no sweets, daddy is your daddy and mummy's husband"
3yr - "oh . . . husfsband . . . I see, and who is your daddy then"
me - "papa is my daddy and granma is my mummy"
3yr - "oh I member now.  And who is daddies mummy and daddy?"
me - "Remember we visited daddy's mummy in Delaware? your other Granma"
3yr - "oh yeah yeah I member.  And which one was daddies daddy?" (Mr. Hotpants has 4 brothers)
me - "Ummm daddies daddy is no longer here with us."
3yr - "Well who is his new daddy?"
me - "Aww sweetpea, you only get one daddy, so daddy didn't get a new daddy."
3yr - "So daddy only has a mummy?" {she gasps} "ohhh mummy that is sooooo sad, what we gonna do for daddy?"
me - "I know sweetpea it is terribly sad" and I hugged her with my whole being.

I never met him but sometimes I miss him . . .

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  1. What a lovely poignant interlude. I remember being very confused about the grandparents too.


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