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I'm sweet on . . .

This was a pretty fast week, we got to ride out 2 earthquakes in the new house, I started my Tracy Anderson metamorphosis DVD's (O.M.G!), and I've been loving on a few girly things this week ....

My bathroom counter top at the end of this week . . . my fav perfumes: Stella Nude, Stella, Chloe, Calypso Marine & Violette.

I am in love with these dainty little rings from this Etsy shop  . . . I got the 2 plain ones for a thumb ring and the little infinity knot as a knuckle ring 

Still my favorite "easy-for-mommy" nail polishes by Sally Hansen (Insta-Dri)

If this looks like a science project, your kinda right!  This Aztec healing clay is mucky and cold but mix it with organic apple cider vinegar and you have the most amazing clay face mask that seriously pulls out all the gunk from your pores and makes any blackheads you have become tiny; almost non-existent. Thank you Mrs. French!

                                   my summer BFF . . . Bobbi Brown Beach body oil


  1. ah....heard the Tracy DVD is the real deal..trying not to put too much pressure on the old self...but I need to start thinking about how I will get my ass in gear after baby.
    digging those delicate rings too!

  2. I've heard such wonderful things about the Bobbi Brown Beach oil! I have got to try some!

  3. I use a vintage silver tray for my perfumes too! :) So chic, isn't it??

    Loving your background! So adorbs!



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