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I was quite hesitant of the L O N G commute that came with our move but we knew that it was more important to us to have a house, a yard and good schools and family around so we went for it anyways.  Surprisingly I actually enjoy it.  I get some completely uninterrupted "alone" time to think, have car-concerts, catch up on phone calls (headset of course) and listen to books on tape.  Ssshhhhh . . . . Don't tell anyone but it is kind of like a mini vacation.

What is really fun is finding different routes to get in and out of LA.  I have discovered so many gorgeous streets and buildings right in the heart of the city . . . it is so colorful and vibrant, I had no idea there were parts of LA like this . . . it's too bad most of it is run down; some of the architecture is wonderful!

 This is the view from the front of our house one morning as I was leaving

 Entrance to LACMA . . . I love these street lights 

 I'm pretty sure this is where the diner scene in Pulp Fiction was shot

You knew I wasn't kidding when I said I needed some leopard heels!  So comfortable for work and insanely cute . . . via

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