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On so many levels . . .

This video of the teeniest artist blew me away . . . on so many levels.

for one, it is a ethereal beautiful video and even though it is 15 minutes long (I know when I saw that I thought I would watch a minute or so and then be done) I could not turn it off . . . I had to see what Aelita created . . . 

it calmed me; slowed my heart and my breathing 

it soothed me 

it healed me

it reminded me that the world and how you see it is all in how you perceive it

it left me wanting to be free and careless

I want a room like that, one where there are no concerns, no mistakes, no limitations

I want my girls to experience this absolute freedom, to create without boundaries, to play without being hoovered over for messes and spills, to explore the world around them, their place in it, and their feelings out loud 

I want to get lost in a canvas . . . .

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