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Happy Monday!

This is really trippy and fascinating to see how people, perceptions and situations can change based on an outward appearance and peoples reactions . . . 

Photographer Danny Evans has transformed America’s sweethearts into homely middle-aged women they might have been in the absence of $100K beauty routines, fashion stylists, personal trainers, and plastic surgery.

Evans doesn't reveal much about his process. “I don’t like to discuss the technical side of my work,” he tells Co.Design, “but I will say that they are photo composites, and not products of age altering software.” There is sweet justice in taking Photoshop, the very tool that makes celebrities seem so insufferably flawless, and turning it against them. The point, Evans says, is “to show celebrities in a different light. [It’s] my interpretation of how they might appear if they were never famous.”

 Jennifer Aniston

 Beyonce & Jay-Z 

Brad & Angie 

Kim & Kanye 

 Kristin & Rob

 Gwenyth (this is my fav!)

 Nicole Richie

 MaryKate & Ashley 
Posh & Beckham

Crazy right??


  1. Whoa this is so awesome Mostly because it's pretty darn accurate. Great find!!!


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