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Happy Friday . . .

Do you remember these side tables from this post?  Well I finally finished one!  I figured I would paint one first so that by the second I would have all the kinks/mistakes figured out!  

First I used Rustoleum's Perfect Finish primer in white . . . 

Followed by Rustoleum's oil-based enamel in "Gloss White" . . . applied with a paint brush for corners and smooth foam roller for the flat surfaces 

And the result . . . 

This was just stuff around the house I pulled out to see what it would look like.  Hopefully soon I will find new gold pulls that I like (these are the old ones spray painted gold) and a pair of gold Greek key lamps like these . . . 


  1. Wow you did such an amazing job with that side table!!!! I've always wanted to DIY an old side table. Do you have to sand off the original paint first, or just using the primer will do?



    1. Hi Stephanie! This table wasn't painted it was stained/sealed so the guy at Home Depot said I didn't have to sand it but I think if it is painted you would be best to sand it down to the wood! you should try it . . . it is addicting to see how easy and inexpensive you can completely change things!


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