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thanksgiving inspiration outfits

I want to be casual, comfy, cozy and chic this Thanksgiving.  It's our first time hosting so I am sure I will be running around after the kiddos, getting drinks, helping Mr. Hotpants with the food, and inevitably spilling something on myself!  I love these looks . . . 


  1. love the glittery pants in the first picture

  2. I am dying over those gold glitter pants. I know this is in your blog title... but I am obsessed with anything gold and glittery :)

    xo Ashley

  3. It's all about the stretch pants for Thanksgiving! This is just perfect! Loving all of these looks :)
    xo TJ

  4. Ok I LOVE the gold sequined pants! My hubs and I saw some at the mall the other day, and I said I was in love....he said what the heck are those!? LOL

    1. Where did you see them!!???? I have been looking and can't find any : ( .... oh and yes my hubby will probably just call me "Aladdin!"


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