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I'm not sure about you but I end up feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed out every time I see a beautiful gift list on a blog or website!  There are so many things and the pressure to make everything beautiful and perfect is palpable!  Some of the lists are so whimsical that they don't seem practical so I am going to give you some of my kids favorites that I think are practical . . . and fun! 

The plasma car is great for Little's to whiz around without any peddling of any sorts and it looks cool!

The Prince Lionheart playmat - it is reversible and has a few options (farm/city, city/alphabet, city/ocean) and it rolls up easily so you can quickly clean up when needed!

Ride on Cars - At first I thought these looked cheap and cheesy but it is little Ms. H's favorite toy - she screeches around our house on this like nobodies business!!

Books! Books are my absolute favorite gifts to give and receive - the choices are limitless and kids LOVE them.

Subscriptions to National Geographic Kids (they have a magazine for big kids and one for little kids (3-7) or Highlights (we have this one for Ms. Em and she loves getting it in the mail and doing the puzzles - I just ordered the National Geographic one for her Christmas!)

My other go-to favorite are PJ's - every kids needs them, you need a lot cause they wear them 7 days a week and you can get so many different ones at all different price points - matching, onesies, footed fuzzy ones, flannel, nightgowns, shorts sets, etc

Puzzles - all different ones! I love the Melissa & Doug ones; the wooden board ones are great for younger kids and the jigsaw puzzles are fantastic for 2.5+ ..... Ms. Em loves jigsaw puzzles so we have many of these!

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  1. We have those Melissa and Doug puzzels and they are always a hit. Great pics!!


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