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tough job

I don't know when it happened or how it happened but we now have a very short, pms-ing, over-emotional teenager in our house who, weirdly enough, happens to be about 4yrs old! 
Veteran mama's, parents, grandparents . . . what the heck? Every 5 minutes I hear "why arent you listening to me, mummy?" "why are you not paying attention to me?" . . . . and if I even as much as hint that I'm busy, frustrated, grumpy, tired or ask for 5 minutes I get a flood of hysterical tears, followed by her running straight to her bedroom and a door slam.  I give her some time then when I go in to talk with her about what is going on I get "you really really hurt my feelings" "that didn't feel nice mummy" . . . WTH?!?!?! 
(photo taken by sis-in-law Amity Yates)
She is super sensitive to any attention I give Harper and is doing things to get attention but in a negative light.  I feel so torn right now because both my girls are going through a "mummy-only phase" and they are both getting jealous of the other when I am holding, giving attention or playing with the other one.  It is an exhausting and guilt-ridden phase and any advice or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!
(photo by Amity Yates)

I feel like I am putting out mini fires all day long and each little fire is followed by two major meltdowns . . . then all those self-defeating questions pop into your heart & mind . . . "Am I being too strict?" "Am I making the right decisions that nurture them?" "Do they need more of my time?" "Am I being the best mum & role model for them?" . . .
Being a mum, or a dad, is a tough, emotional gig and although I would NEVER give this gig up, I had no idea the ride I was in for . . .


  1. I feel for you! Don't stress, you are a wonderful mother! ;)

    I saw these pants at Zara yesterday, and thought of your post about the gold sequined pants - you should get them! They are gorgy! I wanted to try them on and purchase, but I had just gone through the checkout line, and didn't feel like doing the process all over again! (why does zara always have a long line?!)


    1. aww thanks Brooke! always love other mama's words of encouragement.

      and O M G on those pants ..... logging on to buy them right now! Thank you so much for remembering i wanted a pair! I will post a pic when i get them ..... you need them; you will look fab in them StyleMama


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