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We are trying to make Clark Griswold proud over here at our Casa! Slowly but surely we are getting festive; still need my usual "ton" of poinsettia's to put all through the house and to hang the stockings but we are off to a great start .......

The finished tree . . . you can see it from the bottom of the hill!  Took about 8 strands of lights to do this but I LOVE IT!!!!

 Taken in the Disney Grand Californian Hotel lobby ..... so much fun!

 Our kitchen dinner table - this is where the girls sit and have their meals so I "jollied" it up a little for them and they love it!

 Mr. Hotpants as "Clark Griswold" . . . drinking prosecco and beer and waiting for our pizza to be delivered!

Our TREE!!!!! I honestly walked right into the Christmas tree lot and went straight to the "big" trees and picked this beauty out within 2 minutes of being there! . . . I usually "click" with my trees like that, it is a "love at first sight" kinda thing with me . . . For a frame of reference that mirror is 8.5ft tall!!!! She is about 11ft . . . . yowza!

Emerson's little pink tree in her bedroom with her princess ornaments . . . .


  1. LOVE it all - so jealous of your high, vaulted ceilings! xo

  2. My daughters have that same tree and they LUVE it!!

  3. Loving all of this Christmas cheer! The trees look beautiful!
    xo TJ


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